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Trees Are Good

Caring for Trees in Urban Environments

Trees Are Good


This educational website is a resource for homeowners and other tree owners with information about tree care, benefits of trees, and how to help trees thrive in urban environments.

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Texas Oak Wilt

Oak Wilt Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

Texas Oak


The Oak Wilt Information Partnership is a collaborative project between the Texas A&M Forest Service, the Forest Health Protection branch of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest…

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Tree Watering Guide from Texas A&M

Watering Trees. How Often? How Much?

How Much to Water Trees – Texas A&M University


Texas A&M University has prepared a comprehensive resource to provide in-depth information on proper watering to maintain the health of your trees. Click here…

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Live Oak & Other Tree Identification

Guide to the Trees of Texas

Texas Tree Planting Guide – by Texas A&M Forestry Service


Comprehensive guide to selecting, planting and caring for trees in Texas. Provided by the Texas A&M Forest Service.

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How to Properly Mulch & Tree Care by Arbor Day

The Importance of Mulching

Arbor Day Foundation Mulching Guide

In this guide, the Arbor Day Foundation provides valuable information about why mulch is important for the health of your trees, and how to mulch properly.

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Caring for Urban Tree Roots

Root Care for Urban Trees

Caring for Roots on Urban Trees – by University of Florida

Detailed resource on all aspects of root care in urban environments.

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Tree Diseases of Central Texas

Common Tree Pests & Diseases of Central Texas

Common Tree Pests & Diseases of Central Texas – City of Austin


This detailed guide specifically addresses issues faced by trees in Central Texas.

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Trees Are Key Podcast with Paul Johnson

Tree Information Podcast

Trees are Key

If you love trees, you’ll love Trees Are Key. Host Paul Johnson talks all aspect of trees from how to hire a professional to care for your trees to upcoming tree…

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Non-Profit Foundation Focused on Tree Education

Tree Folks


TreeFolks is a non-profit organization based in Central Texas with a mission to promote tree planting and education. Visit their website to learn about programs, events, and how you can get…

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