At Heritage Tree Care, we understand the importance of tree care and maintenance for the health and longevity of your valued trees. We treat each project with the attention required to ensure that your trees will continue to provide the benefits that you appreciate.


Proper and sensible pruning helps produce strong, healthy and attractive trees and is done for three main reasons:

Safety & Tree Risk Assessment

Branches that could fall and cause injury or property damage should be removed. Trees may need to be trimmed away from buildings or to keep them out of streets, sidewalks and utility lines.

Health & Long Term Tree Maintenance

Pruning can be used to remove dead or diseased wood and to thin the crown of the tree to increase airflow and reduce the likelihood of storm damage. Young trees should be pruned to improve the branching structure and the root crown.

Aesthetic Value & Tree Longevity

Proper pruning, which begins when trees are young and continues through the life of the tree will encourage it to develop a strong structure and enhance its shape and beauty. Professional trimming requires specialized knowledge of each variety and which limb or branch to remove.

Poor practices, including topping and flush cuts, can seriously injure your tree or infect it with damaging diseases. Oak Wilt is the most destructive condition of Live Oaks and Red Oaks in Central Texas and is encouraged by improper pruning hygiene.

Tree Replacement & Removal

Trees are slow-growing plants and the time to consider new planting is before aging trees need to be replaced. The best time to plant a tree that will be enjoyed in 20 years is today.

Tree removal is a last resort, but there are circumstances when it is recommended:

  • If the tree is dead or dying
  • When it is an unacceptable risk
  • It is crowding or causing harm to more desirable trees

Removing trees, especially large ones, requires experienced tree surgeons to ensure the job is completed safely. It should be done only by those trained and equipped to work safely on trees.

We can also grind the stump below the soil line to prepare your site for new landscaping opportunities.

Emergency Tree Service

After a storm, many trees that seem beyond repair can be rendered safe with professional care. We can evaluate your damaged trees, provide an assessment of their condition and recommendations for restoration.

Health Care for Your Trees

External signs are often the first visible indicator that your trees need plant health care. Thinning canopy, unseasonable leaf loss and fungal growths are common evidence of tree ailments.

We can provide a diagnosis and treatment plan to help your trees achieve optimum health.

Fertilizing, Aerating and Watering

A proper balance of soil, nutrients and water are the formula for healthy trees. Our experienced team will restore the equilibrium needed for your trees to thrive.

Healthy soil has space for air and water. Urban soil is often compacted, hampering air and water flow. We can loosen soil that has become compacted to restore proper soil density.

Trees require nutrients absorbed through the soil and optimum nutritional conditions to reach their full potential. We offer deep root fertilizing and composting treatments to provide your trees with the food they need to thrive.

Trees need water to survive. Through restoration of soil density and organic content, we will create the best environment for water retention.

Treatment of Pests and Diseases

If you are concerned that your trees might be affected by pests or disease, we can evaluate your trees’ condition and provide treatment options. We use the most current solutions of Integrated Pest Management and prefer organic methods for treatment whenever possible. HTC personnel are trained in Oak Wilt management and other disease treatments.

Tree Planting

Our arborists can help you choose the trees that will provide the best return based on your environment and soil type. Our detailed planting techniques are designed to maximize establishment speed and growth so your trees reach maximum potential as quickly as possible.

We only plant trees from high quality local nurseries that are adapted to local conditions. These standards ensure that your investment will be successful.