Our investment in trees pays huge dividends in property value and quality of life

We all love trees. What would the Austin skyline be without the overhanging shade of the Live Oaks or the San Marcos river without the drooping cypress branches?   It is also possible to measure their benefit to social, environmental and property values.

Trees make us happier and healthier

Numerous studies have shown that the more trees are growing in a neighborhood, the healthier the residents are. We prefer to be outside riding bikes, walking and jogging and are more likely to interact with neighbors in their presence.  Trees help us to feel calmer and reduce stress.

Benefits to our environment

We often see the results of uncontrolled run-off when storms hit Texas. Did you know that trees can help prevent erosion and recharge the aquifer by slowing water before it hits the ground and that roots create tunnels for water to seep into the soil? A single large tree intercepts 6,000 gallons of rain each year while it also locks up carbon in its roots, leaves, and branches.

Trees release oxygen and remove pollutants such as ozone from the air. Trees in the Houston region remove 60,575 tons of pollutants, valued at $295.7 million, annually, according to the Houston Regional Forest report.

They measurably add to the real value of our property

Eighty-three percent of Realtors believe that trees increase the value of homes under $150,000 and that figure increases to 98% when the home is priced at over $250,000. An article in The Journal of Arboriculture, March, 1989 looked at home prices in Austin and concluded that homes with mature trees sold for an average of 13%-19% more than those without.

Take care of your leafy investment

A mature tree is one that is at least 15-years-old. You can check out the estimated value of your trees by visiting the tree value calculator. Be happy if your property already has established trees and commit to taking care of them. Trees add to our quality of life  and healthy trees need quality care. The experienced, educated tree experts at Heritage Tree Care can evaluate your existing trees and develop a plan for maintaining them. They also offer recommendations for the addition of value-adding trees to your landscape.

Written by Heritage Tree Care