Heritage Tree Care is your full-service tree care company. Our ISA Certified Arborists offer professional consulting services.

Specialized consultations are useful for many purposes:

Commercial Construction Pre-plan Phase

Architects, engineers and builders will save time, money and frustration by gaining information about the trees on-site. How will they be impacted by the building process? What do you need to know about Tree Preservation codes and how they affect your plans

Attorneys & Insurance Adjustors

Certified Risk Assessors are professionals who can provide evaluation of due diligence in tree care, possible negligence, appraisals of tree risk and loss and resulting damages. Our extensive hands-on knowledge and experience makes us valuable consultants in a variety of property damage and liability cases.

Realtors & Appraisers

Arborists are able to evaluate condition of existing trees and provide reliable estimates of longevity and value. Mature, healthy trees can contribute substantially to the salability and appraisal of real estate. We are able to analyze trees for hidden damage using specialized tools.


You value the shade and beauty of your trees. Our consultation gives you information about the overall health of your trees and recommendations for maintaining them.

Landscape Contractors & Property Managers

Save time and money and assure that your clients are satisfied with the condition of the trees on properties you care for. Our consultation will include suggestions for best practices to maintain them and we can also give you advice on choosing the proper trees for specific locations.

Our consultations always assess the overall condition of the trees and make specific recommendations for their continued care; including pruning, fertilization, evaluation of soil conditions and watering requirements. We can estimate their potential longevity and value.

HTC experts provide the knowledge you need to maintain healthy trees in urban settings.

Contact Heritage Tree Care to schedule an appointment with a Certified Arborist to discuss how we can help you preserve your trees.