Construction damage is one of the greatest causes of tree death and decline in urban areas. We can help you protect valuable trees on your job site and meet city building requirements that can cause project delays if not addressed by knowledgeable professionals.

Heritage Tree Care understands you need to get the job done correctly and at a reasonable price.  Regardless of the size of your project, we have the equipment and crew to quickly complete the work and keep you on schedule.

Timely Communication

We understand that keeping you up-to-date on project details and promptly answering your questions is vital to the timely completion of your contract. We will work closely with you throughout the process to keep your contract on track.

Pre-construction Site Inspection and Tree Preservation Planning

Many cities in Central Texas now require the establishment and filing of a Best Management Practices (BMPs) plan for tree preservation before building permits are issued.

A comprehensive survey of all existing trees that match specific criteria must also be included for many projects. HTC is familiar with the applicable codes and can help you get this integral part of your job completed.

Our arborists can help you identify which trees are worth preserving and how to make your design work with solutions including root mapping, decay detection and longevity projections.

If a Tree Preservation Plan is required, we will use your site maps and blueprints and provide you with the details you will need to expedite the permitting process.

Maintenance and Protection of Existing Trees During Construction

These BMPs also require site maps identifying Heritage Trees and the identification of Tree Preservation Zones (TPZs) for trees that will be retained during the construction process. This plan can be a technical, and time-consuming process, our Certified Arborists are experienced in the requirements of the project.

HTC has the equipment and know-how to provide required utility tunneling under Critical Root Zones (CRZs). We can also provide mandatory fencing placement, mulching, watering recommendations and tree surgery work on your job site.

Post-construction Tree Care and Required Tree Mitigation

Land Development Codes (LDCs) may require contractors to present a long-term tree care plan before a Final Occupancy Permit is issued. Tree preservation requirements may include having a prepaid  maintenance and remedial contract in place for trees that were preserved on your job site.

Our professional arborists can write the plan and provide the required tree care that will help ensure the long-term survival of trees on the property.

Heritage Tree Care works with all types of contractors. Schedule a meeting with Vincent to discuss the specific needs of your project. We are licensed and insured for your protection.